Sani-t bins and Covid-19

People are using the Sani-t 8 for the disposal of masks, gloves and tissues, etc. The unique starburst opening means there is no need to open the lid which minimises the risk of viruses being blowing around which would happen each time a lid is opened and closed.

The Sani-t 8 bin is safer than metal or plastic bins, as the Covid-19 virus does not survive on cardboard for long.

The Sani-t 8 is cheap and convenient - some people keep one by the front door for when they arrive home, while others have them just inside, or just ouside, the door of people being quarantined or in isolation. Many people use them to replace their normal waste apper baskes "for the duration".

The ability to dispose of the bin and contents together is a major safety factor. Once the contaminated items are in the bin, there is virtually no further risk of them being touched until after a safe amount of time. Even the waste disposal workers are safe (we think of them a lot at this time).

Features and Benefits

  • Circular opening with fingers – can be used without lifting the lid.
  • Flip-over lid – can be used with or without a liner.
  • Lid held closed – cannot spill if tipped over.
  • Single piece construction with handle – light and easy to carry unused or used.
  • Low total cost of operation – very competitive with the cost of cleaning conventional bins.
  • Manufactured in the UK for repeatable quality.
  • Eco friendly and compatible with UK recycling schemes.

... and too many more to list here!


Sani-t is versatile and cost effective!

Sani-t is the solution for providing sanitary bins in women's toilets in a commercial environnment. It avoids the need for cleaning, and is typically cheaper than the labour required for cleaning.

In addition to the use for disposing of sanitary towels, Sani-t is also a great solution for disposal of used baby's nappies and incontinence pads.

Sani-t is ideal in a hospitality environment because it is always clean and presentable - and quickly changed after accidents, cheap to replace if damaged.

Sani-t is the answer for any social gathering: clubs, theaters, cinemas, museums, churches, etc.

Sani-t is appropriate for educational establishments where there is a need for a product that is hygienic and cheap to replace in case of damage.

Sani-t is perfect for temporary locations: construction sites, sports and music events, political or religious rallies, etc.

Sani-t is excellent in any medical environment from the smallest dental practices to the largest teaching hospitals - where hygiene is the highest priority, appearance is important - and bins may need to be quickly changed after accidents.

Sani-t bins are currently available in two sizes: The T8: 8 litre capacity - suitable for domestic use, hotel rooms, medical and clinical environments and other low utilisation toilets, and the T30: 30 litre capacity - suitable for use in public houses, motorway service stations, airports, rail stations, and other high volume locations.

Sani-t products can be branded to your requirements at minimal additional cost.

Sani-t bins for sanitary use are environmentally friendly. They are made from recycled cardboard and completely recyclable.


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Environmental policy

All our products are made from a minimum of 60% recycled material, and are 100% recyclable.

Where we use non-recyclable material, it is FSC approved if applicable.

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